3D Scanning, 3D Printing.

Thanks for stopping by the new Quod website, we hope you’ll be excited by what you see. As one of the leading specialists in 3D scanning and visualisation, we work with people from an exceptionally wide range of sectors that includes heritage, fashion, film, art and architecture. We also work closely with many museums.

At Quod, we have one of the largest ranges of 3D scanners available; we can scan small, high-resolution objects such as jewellery, we can scan people, and we can even scan buildings. We can also produce highly accurate 3D models in full colour from your captured data. Our unique capabilities also allow us to capture your museum, architectural piece, product – even yourself – in high resolution, then publish the 3D file to your website in full rotational web format using normal HTML or WebGL technology. This publishing feature works within your web browser without the need for additional plug-ins, and allows your ‘virtual gallery’ to be seen on any computer screen throughout the world. With over 20 years’ experience, we offer the complete solution to reproduce any object in 3D.

Our sister company, www.europac3d.com, are resellers for most of the major 3D scanning and 3D printing brands including the 3DSystems range of ceramic, plastic and wax 3D printers, Artec 3D scanners, and many more companies supplying professional-level 3D equipment.

Below are a selection of some of our most viewed videos which explain the 3D scanning and printing processes.

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