Quod were asked by the 3DPrintshow to design and produce 18 awards for their evening awards ceremony held at the Honourable Artillery Club on City Road on the penultimate evening of the London 3DPrintshow 2013.


The award, with a chamfered black base and off-white 3D top piece based on the 3DPrintshow logo, was 3D printed in ceramic as two parts. A peg and hole mechanism was designed in engineering software to ensure that the top piece fitted into the exact position on all 18 awards and the base was hollowed using the same software to reduce weight. Both pieces were printed in the raw ceramic which were then sprayed off-white and black with industrial paints and then lacquered for a smooth and lustrous satin finish.


The awards were a great success and it was fitting that the trophies were indeed 3D printed for the occasion.