Over the years at Quod we have scanned some extremely famous film stars, TV stars, international footballers, pop stars, top fashion models, captains of industry and worked with famous fine artists. Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) we are unable to publish any of the often sensitive scan data or other imagery on this site.


This is a shame as we would love to share some of this work with everyone, but we are often scanning people for animation purposes (rigging poses) for forthcoming film and TV work, 3D fashion shoots and artwork-in-progress etc. and it is understandable that clients do not want material released into the public domain before the project is finished (and usually even after the project has finished).


It is therefore nice to see Paul McCartney offer a free downloadable 3D file of himself which is available on his website. It is an .stl file (shown in the picture below, bottom) which can be sent to a 3D printer but features no colour information. For a bit of fun we have printed out our own Paul McCartney and asked our 3D technicians to add some colour and also a Hofner violin bass for good measure. The pictures were tweeted on our @Europac3d Twitter feed and retweeted by Paul McCartney. They also appeared on the Paul McCartney Facebook page, receiving thousands of comments. The Wrigley’s gum packet (used to show scale) is a direct result of a Facebook comment on Paul McCartney’s site which said that the model reminded them of the ‘mini-Paul’ in the film ‘Help’ where a shrunken McCartney appears dressed in only a Wrigley’s gum wrapper!


Our figurine was printed on a 3DSystems 660Pro composite material printer and the original .stl file is available to download from www.paulmccartney.com.


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