Small Object Scanners

The Rexcan CS+ (left) and Rexcan DS2 are suitable for jewellery items, museum items, dental castings and small mechanical parts etc.

Typical 3D Data

Medium Object Scanners

The handheld Artec Eva (left) and Artec Spider can capture great colour and texture of medium-sized products and the human form.

Typical 3D Data

Large Object Scanners

Portable arms (left) when combined with the ScanWorks V5 (right) are capable of highly accurate scanning of larger scale objects.

Typical 3D Data

Building Scanners

The Leica C10 can scan whole buildings, interior and exterior, and also whole environments.

Typical 3D Data


3D Technology

How do we scan people and objects in 3D? With over 20 years experience in scanning, Quod have cutting-edge professional equipment to faithfully capture objects and people 3-Dimensionally.

Smaller items such as jewellery pieces, coins, dental castings, small mechanical items can be scanned using static scanners such as the Rexcan CS+ and DS2 from Solutionix. These scanners scan the items on a 2-axis rotating base to capture all surfaces.

Medium sized items and the human form can be captured using the Artec Eva and Spider scanners. These handheld scanners capture highly accurate colour and texture and are based on video technology filming at up to 16fps.

Larger items can be scanned using the ScanWorks V5 laser scanner which is attached to a portable arm. These are industrial-level scanners which are capable of highly accurate data capture and are used in the automotive, aerospace and engineering industries.

All the scanners featured here are available for sale in the UK through our sister company website,, who also provide installation, training and support.

Capturing all that data using sophisticated equipment is no good unless you know what to do with it! That’s why Quod are industry leaders in manipulating the data and imagery to create accurate artwork to a client’s specification. We use Geomagic engineering software, proprietary software included in scanning systems, and retouching/sculpting/rendering software such as ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D.

Data can be used for a variety of situations such as rigging for animation, printing out on 3D printers, rotatable web imagery, fly-through video, creating CAD files for reverse engineering, or simply for archival purposes.

3D printing is a phenomenon which has been around for a good while in the engineering industries, but is now getting attention in the mainstream media. Quod operate professional-level 3D ceramic, plastic and wax printers from the class-leading 3DSystems range which recreate the captured data from the scanners into solid objects.

We have produced a wide variety of printed objects for prototype and presentation purposes, including fashion items, engine parts, film and TV models for sets and animation, dental models, retail products, museum and heritage facsimiles, architectural proposals, fine art pieces and many more.

Our sister company are resellers of the full range of 3DSystems printers, some of which are shown left. The short video shows a batch of figurines being printed on a 3DSystems 660Pro 3D printer and explains how the model is built up using 0.1mm layers which are coloured within the machine.