Ogilvy Public Relations, a division of global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, asked Quod to create 3D printed figurines (see left) of travel writers as part of an Instagram campaign to promote British Airways ‘Last Call’ flight and holiday offers.


We scanned a series of well known travel writers and bloggers and as part of the ongoing campaign aimed specifically at Instagram users, the writers and their 3D models will appear in various locations abroad and prompt people to visit the ‘Last Call’ website at


BA are offering thousands of cut price flights and holidays aimed at people who decide last minute – maybe on a Friday afternoon – that they fancy a quick weekend away on the continent or a longer break further afield. The longer version of the 15-second Instagram video can be viewed below and shows the process of the travel writers being 3D scanned and printed.


With thanks to our friends at Ogilvy Public Relations for a great day scanning and filming!