Our sister company, Europac3D, have recently launched the sensational new bodyscanner which scans the human form in only 12 seconds and produces a finished file in around 6 minutes.


But that’s not all – we now have a complete solution for events, festivals, corporate days etc. which automates the whole process of scanning, meaning that we can scan around 20 people per hour with all the data being processed in a cloud-based environment. This means that people who have been scanned can see themselves in a rotatable 3D format (which can be embedded into Facebook) in around 24 hours and then have the option to purchase 3D printed figurines, or even augmented reality and animated dance routines.


The video below left explains all the options and how it all works. We are currently creating a new website specifically for the new bodyscanner which will explain pricing, availability etc., but in the meantime, anyone thinking of hiring the bodyscanner for their event can get in touch with Europac3D on +44 (0)1270 216000.


Europac3D were also invited to the ‘Meet the Future’ conference in Central Hall, Westminster, London in June 2015. The new body scanner was showcased to delegates at the conference and the process was filmed by technology journalist Kate Russell and the BBC Click team in a feature which was broadcast on 04 July 2015. The video for the Meet the Future conference can be seen below left and Europac3D appear at 2:54 minutes.