Quod were invited to scan a rare Buddha head from a private collection in London recently.


The head, believed to be either Cambodian or Vietnamese, dates from the 7th Century and is crafted from azurite – a soft copper mineral – which has created a unique and beautiful colouring effect.


Due to the colours and textures of the head, the features of the Buddha are difficult to detect. By scanning it with the Artec Spider, we were able to see the exact geometry of the head without it being obscured and the monochrome renders can be seen below, revealing a placid, smiling expression.


Our short video (top) shows the scanning process using the Artec Spider and a small rotating table to facilitate easy and accurate scanning. The second video (bottom) shows how we can take the 3D scan file and create high-resolution fly-through videos which are fantastic for presentations, educational showcases and academic investigation.


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