We scan lots of people in 3D from all walks of life and with our team of talented 3D technicians, we can tidy up the files and print them in 3D on our range of 3DSystems printers.


Some people believe that once you have the 3D scan, you can press a button and send it directly to the printer. One day 3D printing will be that easy, but until then we have to go through a process of making the 3D file watertight, digital sculpting and colour correcting, and brushing, dipping and waxing the final figurines.


When this is done carefully and professionally, the results, as seen here in our 17cm figurines, can look amazingly lifelike and accurate.


More information about the 3DSystems ProJet 660Pro that printed these figurines can be found at our sister company website,, who are resellers of the 3DSystems range of ceramic, wax, plastic and multi-material printers.