Shoe giant Clarks commissioned Quod to help archive their footwear heritage by 3D scanning past designs. This archives the style, dimensions, colour and texture of the shoe for possible recreation at a later date as trends and fashions repeat themselves to a new generation.


Not only has the 3D scanning archived the shoe, but with the file data, we have been able to create a full 360-degree rotational file which works in all web browsers and allows the viewer to interact with the shoe at all angles instead of relying on 2D jpeg images. Being able to browse an item at all angles and zoom into detail is something that we are currently pioneering at Quod as a new way to view products. We are producing rotating imagery in normal html or by using WebGL technology which produces a smoother rotation by reading from the 3D file.


The example shoe was scanned with the new Artec Spider 3D scanner which captures highly accurate colour and texture data in a handheld device.