On immediate arrival at Blenheim Palace there is an archway on top of which sit two lions, each forcing down a cockerel – a reference to centuries of warring between the British and the French. The Lions were scanned as a record for future preservation as the stone becomes more weathered and starts to decay and crumble.


With the full 3D data captured, the statues can, if necessary, be recreated in stone through an industrial milling process where highly accurate facsimiles can be produced to match the originals.


Quod have been asked to help archive and recreate many of the nation’s treasures and artefacts using accurate scanning data. We also create fly-through videos like the one below left which showcase the original texture and solid model 3D versions, and this is a great way of showing clients or colleagues the impact of the project.


The Blenheim Lions video was shown on the BBC News Channel ‘Click’ programme in an article about heritage preservation in Autumn 2013.