Petr Weigl is a UK-based contemporary artist who has established a global reputation in the art world for his dynamic artworks which utilise concrete and ceramic amongst other materials.


For a recent project, Petr asked Quod to advise on 3D scanning and printing in order to execute his idea of placing ceramic mini buildings based on the New York skyline into a log which had a 1900s New York Times front cover wrapped around it.


We scanned a log, complete with fungus (see below, top), which had been supplied by Petr and using a flat jpeg image of the New York Times cover, digitally wrapped it around the 3D scan data of the log. The result was complex and unusual with all the original attributes of the log still visible. We also added narrow tracks into the top of the log which enabled Petr to add small ceramic New York buildings. The full-size log was printed in ceramic on a 3DSystems 660 3D printer.


Petr’s work can be viewed at