We recently scanned the much-respected graffiti artist Nick Walker in the apt surroundings of a soon to be demolished wing of the old Wedgwood factory at Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent. Nick is working with Royal Doulton to create artwork based on his unmistakeable graffiti style and the results should be unique, exciting and highly collectable.


We scanned Nick in a series of poses using the Artec Eva hand-held 3D scanner. He wore his trademark city suit and bowler hat which feature in many of his graffiti pieces, some of which can be seen at


Royal Doulton create bespoke items and ranges as joint ventures with various celebrities including Nick. See for more info.


The following day, a camera crew captured Nick creating a ‘live’ art piece in the old factory and talking about his collaboration with Royal Doulton and the result can be seen in the video below left.