The Royal College of Art asked Quod to scan the bust of Sir John Soane which sits in prime position in one of the main rooms at the Sir John Soane’s Museum at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. The reason for the scan was a starting point for a competition organised between the Royal College of Art and the Museum to enable design students to create new artworks inspired by a selected 3D piece of the digitally fragmented 3D scan.


Some of the competition entries can be seen below. The purpose of the competition was to introduce the RCA students to 3D printing technologies and enable them to experiment with the constraints and possibilities of 3D scanning and printed materials.


One of the winning entries, shown left, was a series of small vases made from 3D segments of the original scanned bust and was created by Haidee Drew. The video of how we scanned the bust of Sir John Soane is below left, and the full article, including a 3D rotable bust, is here.


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