A client recently asked us to scan a sports shoe in order to recreate it as a fully rotatable 3D file for use on the internet.

We used the Artec Spider hand held 3D scanner and placed the shoe on a motorised rotating table which is simpler than trying to scan all sides and angles by physically moving around the object.


The solid model renders below show how the scanner captured amazingly accurate detail including the stitching on the top of the shoe, the texture on the foam insole, and the details of the chunky tread.


When the colour was added, the result is an incredibly accurate, almost photographic 3D file which enables the viewer to fully interact with the shoe and view it at all rotatable angles. We are working with other fashion designers to pioneer this technology with the aim of showcasing fashion items in this more dynamic and exciting way.


More information about the Artec series of 3D scanners can be found under ’3D scanners’ on our sister company website who are resellers for Artec and other major brands in the field of professional 3D scanning.