We scanned Tash recently as part of our Instagram project with Ogilvy Public Relations advertising agency. The 3D scan data was used to print Tash out as a 20cm ceramic figurine but we thought we would show a fully rotatable WebGL digital file of the finished data.


The scanning process using the handheld Artec Eva scanner is based on video technology recording frames at up to 7.5fps and with a 3D point accuracy of up to 0.1mm. This level of accuracy gives a high level of detail as can be seen on Tash’s tattoos and shoes. Our sister company www.europac3d.com are resellers of the popular Artec range of hand held scanners.


The full story about the campaign with Ogilvy is here but you can see the original video with Tash being scanned below left. This was then edited to 15 seconds for the Instagram upload.