We were asked by a global drinks company to help reproduce an old wooden advertising statue of the well-known Johnnie Walker character for use as a modern marketing tool with a retro flavour.


Scanned using a portable arm and Perceptron V5 laser scanner in a vault in Scotland, the data was used to recreate a new model using a milling process.


Milling is a machining process where the milling machine feeds off the scanned file data and milling cutters recreate the object shape out of a chosen material: wood, metal, polystyrene etc. This means that a small object which has been scanned with fine detail can be recreated at a larger size, or a large item recreated at a smaller size. The milling process is using in the engineering industries but also in industries such as film and TV. We are often asked to 3D scan modelmaker’s clay models which are then milled into film and TV sets (or even animated using the same data).


Notable films we have worked on include ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ where we have supplied accurate 3D scan data of actors or set models.