1. 3D bodyscanning at your event
  2. Quod light tents
  3. The 3D scanning process
  4. Pricing your event
  5. How many people can be scanned?
  6. Booking and contact details
1: 3D bodyscanning at your event

Quod operate a full facility to scan staff, guests, clients, colleagues and family at corporate events, special occasions or exhibitions. Around 24 hrs after scanning, 3D files are uploaded to a password-protected website where guests can access fully rotatable 3D models of themselves in their normal web browser. Guests will also have an option to purchase a 20cm 3D printed figurine in a ceramic material. We use the class-leading 3DSystems 3D printers which produce a professional quality and the delivery time for these is normally around 10 days after the event. Many people ask us why this takes so long. There are two reasons; firstly, the data has to be checked, retouched and made into a watertight file before it can be sent to the 3D printer. Secondly, the 3D print of a 20cm figurine can take up to 20 hours and there is a further process after this to clean loose ceramic powder from the model, seal the model with a binding solution, and dip the figurines in a wax liquid to protect and enhance the colour and finish. One day, people who have been scanned will take their figurine home at the end of the night, but the technology is just not there yet!

2: Quod light tents

We have a large format 6 x 5m light tent (see left) which allows two people to scan simultaneously. We also have a 3 x 4m tent with one person scanning for smaller functions. The light tents cause a great stir among the attendees and the atmosphere inside is fun and exciting as many of our scanned guests over the years will testify. Guests can see a basic monochrome rotatable digital image of themselves immediately after scanning, but the full colour file needs around 30 minutes to process and this normally occurs when the data is back in the Quod studio as there is not time to fully process them during the event.

3: The 3D scanning process

Scanning only takes about 2-3 minutes and the scanner uses a flashing light source which is completely harmless, although unfortunately not suitable for sufferers of epilepsy. The subject has to stand as still as possible since the scan data is recorded using a video technology and the scanning operative will move around the body from head to toe collecting as much data as possible. As in normal photography, 3D data can blur if the subject moves too much and therefore the process is not really suitable for young children or animals. We recommend that children be around the age of 7 years in order to understand the process and remain as still as possible.

4: Pricing

Prices are calculated according to the size of the event and the number of people who require scanning. This price does not include 3D printed figurines which can be purchased at an additional cost from the website where the 3D file has been uploaded. Some clients pay for their guests to be printed as figurines as part and parcel of the event, but there is the option for guests to purchase the figurines at their own cost.

5: How many people can be scanned?

With two people scanning, we can normally 3D scan approximately 60 people in a typical evening, so we offer a system whereby the guest has to pre-book a slot to ensure they will definitely be scanned. We have found in the past that an unstructured approach can be chaotic and lead to disappointment so we believe it is worth explaining the process to guests in advance so that they have an informed choice.

6: Booking and contact details

Please call Quod on +44 (0)1270 216000 to discuss your event requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a price based on the information you give us.